Artist Collaboration

From beat creation to full-band orchestration, Adam can help bring your song, demo, or album to life from the songwriting phase to the production phase.

Adam’s songwriting skills are coupled with a history of producing numerous recordings for various artists. Having a substantial amount of experience performing and recording with his own bands, Adam is able to help other artists reach their goals in their own recording projects. Regardless of musical genre or style, Adam works passionately to write interesting backing music for any artist’s song idea, and produces any music project in its entirety with high-quality mixing and mastering.


Some of the music projects for which Adam has contributed songwriting, instrument recording, and production include:

We Can Try (collaborating artist: Shawna Flowers, acoustic pop song)
Sapno Mein (collaborating artist: Murli Iyer, Bollywood-style song)
Nice Guy (collaborating artist: Jordan Ring, jazz-style song)
Runnin’ (collaborating artist: Jason Quaid, hip hop/rap song)
Alibi None EP VOL I (with the band Alibi None, blues/rock album)
Alibi None EP VOL II (with the band Alibi None, blues/rock album)



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