Sound Design

Adam’s experience as a professional sound designer can help you immerse your audience in your visual media project.


In order for your visual media project (video game, film, advertisement, etc.) to reach your ultimate goals, it is crucial to incorporate well-designed audio. Designing audio is much more than just placing pre-recorded sound files into a project. Rather, it involves carefully tailoring each sound asset to ensure that the intended response from the player/viewer is triggered. This is achieved by trimming, sculpting, layering, equalizing, and adding effects like reverb, compression, or time adjustment – just to name a few of the techniques involved. From there, a good sound design will have a refined audio mix that balances all of the assets together cohesively.

Effective sound design will convey context, define consequence, and create connection with your target audience. It can range from evocative sound effects to realistic foley – from background ambience to foreground action cues. Adam has not only the experience but the right recording space, equipment, and software needed to produce virtually anything your project may need in terms of quality sound design. Below are some examples of Adam’s sound design assets he has created.

If you need your podcast edited or dialogue produced, Adam has industry experience that can help you with your voice work.


Whether you are looking for crystal clear dialogue editing for your scene or stylized voice manipulation for a particular character, having a first rate audio designer is imperative in order to achieve your goals. Adam can deliver what you need using his extensive skills and abundant experience in audio editing and voice work. Adam has recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered voice-over narration, and can execute the precision needed to deliver your words to your audience.

Adam currently works as the sole audio editor for the popular podcast
Creator Forge

Adam is also the sole audio designer and music composer for the entertainment YouTube series
Wouldn’t It Be Awesome?


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